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Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands


Tree: langenberg
Notes: Gravenhage is now known as Den Haag or The Hague.
City/Town : Latitude: 52.07825, Longitude: 4.313656


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIJLEVELT, Josina  1676Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0903 langenberg 
2 CARBENTUS, Anna Cornelia  10 Sep 1819Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0739 langenberg 
3 MONDRIAAN, Frederik Hendrik  16 Apr 1853Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0895 langenberg 
4 MONDRIAAN, Frederik Willem  14 Mar 1839Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0876 langenberg 
5 MONDRIAAN, Fronica Wilhelmina Gerardina  28 Dec 1838Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0875 langenberg 
6 MONDRIAAN, Gerardina  20 Sep 1814Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0884 langenberg 
7 MONDRIAAN, Gerardina Hendrika  10 Mar 1822Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0886 langenberg 
8 MONDRIAAN, Gerrit  10 Jul 1816Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0356 langenberg 
9 MONDRIAAN, Gerrit (Gerhard) Janse  11 Jun 1783Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0359 langenberg 
10 MONDRIAAN, Hermanus Gerardus Johannes  12 May 1840Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0877 langenberg 
11 MONDRIAAN, Magdalena  16 Sep 1824Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0887 langenberg 
12 MONDRIAAN, Pieter Cornelis  18 Jun 1839Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0891 langenberg 
13 MONDRIAAN, Veronica Johanna Gerardina  16 Oct 1845Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0893 langenberg 
14 MONDRIAAN, Wilhelmina  4 May 1818Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0885 langenberg 
15 MONDRIAAN, Wilhelmina Petronella Hendrika  25 Nov 1842Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0892 langenberg 
16 MONDRIAAN, Willem Herman  24 Dec 1832Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0889 langenberg 
17 MONDRIAAN, Willem Herman  24 Dec 1837Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0890 langenberg 
18 MONDRIAAN, William Frederik  22 Jan 1809Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0361 langenberg 
19 STALVIS, Maria  1 May 1740Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0733 langenberg 
20 VAN GOCH, Vincent  30 Sep 1674Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0902 langenberg 
21 VAN GOGH, Jan  1722Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0730 langenberg 
22 VERMEULEN, Alida  1691Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0732 langenberg 
23 WAGNER, Wilhelmina  15 Mar 1785Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0360 langenberg 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIJLEVELT, Josina  31 Oct 1754Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0903 langenberg 
2 MONDRIAAN, Fronica Wilhelmina Gerardina  10 Jan 1839Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0875 langenberg 
3 MONDRIAAN, Gerardina  27 Jan 1821Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0884 langenberg 
4 MONDRIAAN, Gerardina Hendrika  16 Aug 1855Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0886 langenberg 
5 MONDRIAAN, Magdalena  5 Feb 1836Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0887 langenberg 
6 MONDRIAAN, Veronica Johanna Gerardina  18 Feb 1847Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0893 langenberg 
7 MONDRIAAN, Wilhelmina  Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0885 langenberg 
8 MONDRIAAN, Wilhelmina Petronella Hendrika  31 Jan 1847Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0892 langenberg 
9 MONDRIAAN, Willem Herman  10 Apr 1855Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0890 langenberg 
10 MONDRIAAN, William Frederik  8 Jan 1878Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0361 langenberg 
11 STALVIS, Maria  21 Feb 1821Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0733 langenberg 
12 VAN GOGH, David  31 Aug 1740Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0731 langenberg 
13 VAN GOGH, Jan  13 Mar 1806Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0730 langenberg 
14 VAN GOGH, Vincent  7 May 1874Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0736 langenberg 
15 VERMENT, Petronella Hendrika  6 Dec 1856Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0888 langenberg 
16 VERMEULEN, Alida  30 Jul 1770Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0732 langenberg 
17 WAGNER, Wilhelmina  20 Nov 1868Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands I0360 langenberg 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MONDRIAAN / VERMENT  26 Oct 1836Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands F114 langenberg 
2 MONDRIAAN / VERMENT  31 May 1837Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands F109 langenberg 
3 VAN GOCH / CENTEN  11 Mar 1631Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands F272 langenberg 
4 VAN GOCH / VAN DUYNEVELT  1663Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands F205 langenberg 
5 VAN GOGH / CARBENTUS  21 May 1851Gravenhage, South Holland, Netherlands F211 langenberg 

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