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Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands


Tree: langenberg
Notes: The flag of Haskerland flew only one year (1984- 3 Jan. 1985) when the municipality was divided among Boarnsterhim, Skarsterlān and Lemsterlān. (NB: The last three names are Frisian; before 1985 municipalities had only official Dutch names. Several students were arrested after they replaced the official roadsign of 'Franeker' with one with 'Frentsjer')
According to 'Encyclopedie van Friesland', 1958, the name Haskerland derives from 'haske', 'heesc', an inferior species of grass. The inhabitants preferred the meaning: 'hare'. Municipal seat; Joure

County/Shire : Latitude: 53.090369, Longitude: 5.832754


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AKKERMAN, Catharina Jacobs  27 Oct 1867Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0932 langenberg 
2 DE VRIES, Sietske  2 Sep 1885Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0651 langenberg 
3 HARTKAMP, Bouwe  14 Sep 1871Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0545 langenberg 
4 HARTKAMP, Durk  29 Dec 1867Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0544 langenberg 
5 HARTKAMP, Klaaske  10 Sep 1866Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0543 langenberg 
6 LAAGLAND, Akke Klazes  23 Aug 1819Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0207 langenberg 
7 LAAGLAND, Anna Hettes  24 Mar 1855Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0673 langenberg 
8 LAAGLAND, Foppe  12 Aug 1883Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0193 langenberg 
9 LAAGLAND, Haebeltje  3 Jan 1833Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0197 langenberg 
10 LAAGLAND, Klaas  8 Aug 1891Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0180 langenberg 
11 LAAGLAND, Klaas Hettes  10 Jul 1848Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0671 langenberg 
12 LAAGLAND, Neeltje Klazes  5 May 1814Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0205 langenberg 
13 LAAGLAND, Popke Jan  18 Jul 1892Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0178 langenberg 
14 LAAGLAND, Richtje Klazes  29 Jun 1816Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0206 langenberg 
15 LAAGLAND, Sytske Taedes  27 Nov 1847Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0200 langenberg 
16 LAAGLAND, Taede Klazes  1807 or 1808Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0194 langenberg 
17 LANGENBERG, Aaltje Margje  24 Aug 1865Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0063 langenberg 
18 LANGENBERG, Daniel Hermanus  7 Feb 1852Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0078 langenberg 
19 LANGENBERG, Elisabeth  25 Nov 1871Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0086 langenberg 
20 LANGENBERG, Elizabeth Harmens  22 Jan 1837Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0072 langenberg 
21 LANGENBERG, Elizabeth Hermanus  14 Nov 1841Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0074 langenberg 
22 LANGENBERG, Geesje  18 Apr 1890Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0053 langenberg 
23 LANGENBERG, Geeske  2 Mar 1893Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0933 langenberg 
24 LANGENBERG, Geeske  9 Jan 1900Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0965 langenberg 
25 LANGENBERG, Geeske  2 Apr 1902Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0966 langenberg 
26 LANGENBERG, Hein  11 May 1894Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0934 langenberg 
27 LANGENBERG, Hendrik  17 Dec 1891Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0054 langenberg 
28 LANGENBERG, Hermanus  27 Jul 1869Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0084 langenberg 
29 LANGENBERG, Hermanus  4 Dec 1889Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0981 langenberg 
30 LANGENBERG, Jacob  28 Jun 1815Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1068 langenberg 
31 LANGENBERG, Jacob Hermanus  26 Apr 1832Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0060 langenberg 
32 LANGENBERG, Jan  16 Dec 1870Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0085 langenberg 
33 LANGENBERG, Jan  1 Apr 1886Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0094 langenberg 
34 LANGENBERG, Jan Hermanus  15 Apr 1839Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0073 langenberg 
35 LANGENBERG, Jentje  27 Jan 1817Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1069 langenberg 
36 LANGENBERG, Johannes Hermanus   I0122 langenberg 
37 LANGENBERG, Maartje  31 Aug 1897Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0121 langenberg 
38 LANGENBERG, Margjen  2 May 1868Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0064 langenberg 
39 LANGENBERG, Margjen  13 Dec 1871Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0066 langenberg 
40 LANGENBERG, Maria Hermanus  11 Jul 1845Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0076 langenberg 
41 LANGENBERG, Markus  13 Jan 1896Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1166 langenberg 
42 LANGENBERG, N.  12 May 1844Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0075 langenberg 
43 LANGENBERG, NN  3 Apr 1886Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0055 langenberg 
44 LANGENBERG, Trijntje  18 Apr 1884Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0093 langenberg 
45 LANGENBERG, Wieger  10 Jan 1863Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0062 langenberg 
46 LANGENBERG, Wieger   I0056 langenberg 
47 MEESTER, Geertje  9 Apr 1816Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0315 langenberg 
48 MIKKES, Frederika  6 Apr 1899Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0758 langenberg 
49 SLOF, Geeske Wiegers  20 Aug 1832Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0061 langenberg 
50 SMIT, Harmen  7 Apr 1872Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0556 langenberg 
51 van GELDEROP, Elisabeth  18 May 1891Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0630 langenberg 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 LAAGLAND, Andries Hettes  4 Dec 1861Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0674 langenberg 
2 LAAGLAND, Antje Hettes  24 Jan 1827Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0662 langenberg 
3 LAAGLAND, Hette Klazes  6 Aug 1826Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0209 langenberg 
4 LAAGLAND, Hette Klazes  24 Apr 1862Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0204 langenberg 
5 LAAGLAND, Jan Teades  10 Jan 1842Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0198 langenberg 
6 LAAGLAND, Klaas  13 Oct 1891Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0180 langenberg 
7 LAAGLAND, Klaas Hettes  23 Dec 1826Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0201 langenberg 
8 LAAGLAND, Neeltje Klazes  20 Sep 1814Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0205 langenberg 
9 LAAGLAND, Sytske Taedes  4 Jun 1884Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0200 langenberg 
10 LANGENBERG, Aaltje Margje  8 Oct 1902Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0959 langenberg 
11 LANGENBERG, Elizabeth Harmens  10 Jan 1840Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0072 langenberg 
12 LANGENBERG, Geeske  10 Jan 1896Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0933 langenberg 
13 LANGENBERG, Geeske  21 May 1900Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0965 langenberg 
14 LANGENBERG, Harmen (Harm) Jacobs  10 Mar 1873Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0067 langenberg 
15 LANGENBERG, Jacob  11 Sept 1877Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1160 langenberg 
16 LANGENBERG, Jacob Hermanus  1 Apr 1893Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0060 langenberg 
17 LANGENBERG, Jan  10 Sept 1886Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0094 langenberg 
18 LANGENBERG, Jentje  8 Feb 1817Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1069 langenberg 
19 LANGENBERG, Margjen  30 May 1868Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0064 langenberg 
20 LANGENBERG, Margjen  21 Feb 1874Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I1156 langenberg 
21 LANGENBERG, N.  12 May 1844Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0075 langenberg 
22 LANGENBERG, NN  3 Apr 1886Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0055 langenberg 
23 LANGENBERG, Trijntje  6 Jun 1884Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0093 langenberg 
24 SLOF, Geeske Wiegers  19 Jan 1920Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0061 langenberg 
25 SNOEYER, Margjen Alberts  13 Nov 1896Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands I0068 langenberg 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BAKKER / LAAGLAND  2 Jun 1872Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F160 langenberg 
2 BRUINSMA / LAAGLAND  23 May 1918Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F346 langenberg 
3 DE JAGER / HARTKAMP  10 May 1857Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F156 langenberg 
4 de WREDE / LAAGLAND  22 Jun 1893Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F373 langenberg 
5 DIJKSTRA / LANGENBERG  28 May 1871Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F221 langenberg 
6 HOVESTAD / LANGENBERG  12 May 1867Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F283 langenberg 
7 Jongbloed / LANGENBERG  30 November 1890Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F334 langenberg 
8 LAAGLAND / BAAIMA  22 Apr 1832Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F053 langenberg 
9 LAAGLAND / van GELDEROP  19 July 1917Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F178 langenberg 
10 LAAGLAND / VISSER  1 May 1836Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F050 langenberg 
11 LANGENBERG / AKKERMAN  3 Jun 1897Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F287 langenberg 
12 LANGENBERG / BLEEKSMA  26 Mar 1903Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F033 langenberg 
13 LANGENBERG / de Jong  14 Dec 1876Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F340 langenberg 
14 LANGENBERG / KRAS  22 Nov 1868Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F026 langenberg 
15 LANGENBERG / MEESTER  11 May 1884Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F019 langenberg 
16 LANGENBERG / PRINS  11 Oct 1895Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F036 langenberg 
17 LANGENBERG / SIESLING  3 Mar 1910Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F030 langenberg 
18 LANGENBERG / SLOF  20 May 1855Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F018 langenberg 
19 LANGENBERG / SNOEYER  16 Aug 1835Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F022 langenberg 
20 LANGENBERG / SOETEN  16 Jan 1870Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F028 langenberg 
21 LANGENBERG / van den BERG  23 Dec 1888Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F284 langenberg 
22 Zwering / LAAGLAND  22 May 1902Haskerland, Friesland, Netherlands F374 langenberg 

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